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About Us at Southwest Florida K9 Services

Southwest Florida K9 Services is family owned and operated by Russell "Rusty" Graham and Diana "Dee" Graham and located in North Fort Myers, Florida.

Rusty is a retired Deputy Sheriff with over 25 years of hands-on experience training both law enforcement and civilian dogs along with their human partners. He currently trains dogs in the private sector since retiring from law enforcement after holding the position of K9 handler, assistant K9 trainer and head K9 trainer for 18 years. He specializes in basic to advanced obedience and personal protection along with behavioral issues.

Rusty has attended over 4000 hours of hands on police K9 training with many of the best police dog and private dog trainers from across the United States and Europe and is credited with training over 150 police dog teams in his time as a Police Dog Trainer.

Has also held the position of instructor, evaluator and judge for many Police Dog Trials and Certification testing across the United States. He has held K9 trainer certifications  with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, United States Police Canine Association, and the National Police Canine Association along with a trainers certification with the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office K9 Unit.

Has also held the position of judging and testing police K-9s for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, United States Police Canine Association and the National Police Canine Association.

Rusty has also competed several of his police dogs taking top honors in National and Regional Events in the areas of Obedience, Criminal Apprehension and Narcotic Detection.

Dee is a Certified Vet Technician with over 15 years of experience and specializes in puppy obedience and drive training, socialization and behavior issues involving younger dogs and puppies.

Our mission is to provide experienced and expert obedience training both in-home and group sessions and behavioral therapy to the dogs and their human partners using compassionate and state of the art techniques that are tailored to the unique needs of each dog and their family.

We offer an obedience training program for the civilian dog utilizing the best of both competition and law enforcement training techniques.

We utilize a variety of techniques to train you and your dog. Each dog and owner are different and our training involves tailoring the training methods to the individual dog and the handler for the task at hand.

In today's world where dog bites and resulting lawsuits occur regularly the obedient, controlled and well socialized dog is an asset as opposed to a liability.

This is where our obedience program can be of the most service to you and your partner, If you desire the best obedience training with your dog then we are the place to go.

We strive to work for the SUCCESS of your dog from DAY ONE.
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