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Obedience Training at Southwest Florida K9 Services

Perhaps nothing commands the attention and respect of onlookers more than watching a well behaved, obedient dog walking in concert with his or her handler.  No pulling or lunging, no aggressive behavior toward people or other animals and no constant barking or jumping up on passersby for attention.   A well behaved, obedient dog is every dog-owners dream, but so few know how to accomplish this goal without punishing or harshly discipling their pet.
Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

Southwest Florida K9 Services specializes in Basic and Advanced Obedience training with affordable rates and at convenient times for you and your family.  From basic “Sit,” “Down,” “Come” and “Heel” (or “Walk”) commands to advanced off-leash obedience, Rusty and Dee Graham will show you how to enjoy spending time with your dog on long walks or in public venues.  With group, private and in-home lessons available, you'll see amazing results after only a few lessons. 

Your dog’s behavior problems are no match for Rusty and Dee Graham.  From barking or jumping to running out of the door or yard or chewing household items, Rusty and Dee's lifelong work with dogs of all breeds has given them a unique understanding of why dogs “act out” and how to solve every issue through the correct behavior modification with positive reinforcement.
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We offer tracking training in both police style and Schutzhund style.
The cost of the training session is $25.00 per training session.
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