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Jack was born on May 6th, 2015 from the breeding of Honey von Kennstenich (IPO2) and German "Superdog" Gent von Tjarnshaget (IPO3) who is the son of legendary MIRO von WALLERHORST (SCH3, IPO3, FH1).

Jack's first 10 months he was raised and trained in Germany. I was seeking out a dog for competition (Schutzhund) and saw three 15 second videos of him on the internet. Despite being under a year old his drive was incredible. I contacted Jack's owner Christin Witt who owned Jack's Mother "Honey" and after lots of emails concerning Jack (this way of buying a dog sight unseen was against everything I knew or believed) I agreed to purchase Jack and have him flown from Germany to the United States.

I purchased Jack on 04-05-2016 and he was flown to the United States on 04-11-2016 landing at Miami International Airport mid afternoon. After 6 hours of being checked in me and Dee met Jack for the first time. He was packed in a large airline crate and zip tied about a dozen times to prevent any chance of escape. His crate was cut open and I saw the most beautiful dog that I had ever seen. His massive head, his large bone structure and his beautiful black shiny coat stole our hearts.

He was brought back to Fort Myers and after a vet exam began his life at our residence and kennel. He has over performed any task I gave him and he has developed from a 10 month old puppy into a very powerful machine.

After competing and failing his first attempt at a Schutzhund BH title. (due to parking in front of a caged female in heat) he then went on to earn his Schutzhund BH title on 09-30-2017 in Miami, Florida and is well on his way to his IPO1 this November.
He is a 90 pound bi-color German Shepherd.

Upon turning 2 years of age x-rays were taken and submitted to OFA for certification. His elbows came back "normal" (highest ranking) and his hips came back "excellent" (highest ranking) which according to the vets office is very rare in a German Shepherd and the vet said he hasn't seen an excellent set of hips in a German Shepherd in approximately 10 years.

I've spent the time since learning of Jack and trying to determine why he should not be used for breeding. I can not come up with a single reason this beautiful, powerful dog should not be utilized for breeding with his drives.

While spending the last two years training Jack at various venues I have been asked many times if I was interested in selling him. This was to trainers with vast amounts of experience with Schutzhund dogs and by a dog trainer that competes at National and World events.

We are planning to breed Jack to another high drive bi-color female in the next few months god-willing and Jack is also available as Stud.                      
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JACK von KENNSTENICH as PUPPY                   
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